Monday, December 8, 2008

Turkey in the House

What's a Canadian boy to do at Christmas when he's in Kobe? Well, I have to admit that I happily eat Japanese food on a daily basis and enjoy it. I live in Japan and enjoy it, but...I am not the sort of "gaijin" who's "hardcore" about Japanese culture and that's the only thing he cares about. To be honest; it's the Christmas season and I can't wait to have a nice turkey dinner with gravy, stuffing and loads of wine! But, where is a Canadian guy to get this sort of meal? Well...luckily there are a lot of ways o get my fix.

During my years in South Korea (5+) to be exact (or not), I only had one serious turkey dinner. That was the year I taught at Pagoda Foreign Language School in Shinchon, Seoul and myself and a large number of coworkers ordered a cooked turkey from the Hilton Hotel. It was a bloody fortune, but wonderful comfort food.

At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. It's comfort food. It's what you know and what you love. it's what you expect and enjoy. Although I really enjoy life in my new home in Japan, I still crave what I know. The same way my wife, when we lived in Ottawa, Canada, craved Japanese food and baked's comfort food. fix arrived at my door this evening.

These are some of the makings of my Christmas 2008 dinner. Later this month we'll host a party.We'll cook this bad boy in our oven and feed about 15 fine folks a "Canadian" style Xmas dinner. It'll be GREAT!

I ordered this food from FBC. The Foreign Buyer's Club. It's a mail order foreign food store based here in Kobe on Rokko Island. there is quite a large foreign population here in Kobe and a lot of services to cater to them. Of course this turkey cost me a king's ransom, but it's worth it.....comfort food.

Oh's something from left field. Have you ever had a Swedish beer? WEll, neither had I, until this evening. My wife was shopping at IKEA which is on Port Island in Kobe. I live on Port Island, nice and close. She called me and asked if I'd like to try a Swedish beer. She could pick one up for me. I said "Hell Yeah!!!!" Here it is...beside the Kirin. It wasn't bad. A very light and smooth taste. It's a Christmas blend with %5 alcohol. Not bad at all, but I do like beers with bolder flavours!

Ah yeas....check out my latest YouTube vid. KansaiPJ and I were kickin around Sannomiya in downtown Kobe on Saturday afternoon and what didwe see?

A major fashion train wreck!

You can see me on YouTube as BusanKevin.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly thing that the fashion train wreck video is my favorite of yours ever. Let's hope you can top it later.