Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and the Kakogawa Marathon

Greetings and salutations everyone. It's Christmas Eve here in Japan and most of you are just stirring back home. I hope you are getting ready for a wonderful Xmas day.

Things are great here, Mai and I have had a wonderful Xmas Eve celebration. Gifts exchanged and smiles all around.

Yesterday was the Emperor's birthday and a national holiday here in Japan. Emperor Akihito celebrated 75 years.

I celebrated the Emperor's birthday by running in the Kakogawa Marathon. I didn't do the full course since I hadn't rained properly. I ran the 10k and surprised myself with a faster than expected time. I did it in under 50 minutes. I'm by no means a speed demon! I did it in 49mins 53 seconds.Long distance running fits me well cause I'm slow, stubborn and have a high pain threshold...hehe.

That's me after finishing the 10k at the Kakogawa Marathon....wish I had done the full course run!

I also just realized that an older You Tube video I've made is now going viral! I made a vid last year while I lived in Ottawa. It was about a Ron Mueck sculpture. It was of a piece called "A Girl" at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.

Check it month ago it had less about 15,000 of today....more than 53,000!

One Giant Baby

See the original here....on my BusanKevin Channel....

Merry Xmas to everyone!!!!

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