Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ninja Hot Dogs in Japan

A couple of days ago I was at the local IKEA doing some shopping with my wife. She pointed something out to me and it was pretty cool...if only "small C" cool! Normally IKEA sells hot dogs in it's little diner area near the entrance. I've even been known to partake in their 100yen hot dogs from time to time. They won't win any awards, but for the price, they're not bad.

What my wife noticed were the new "Ninja Hot dogs"! That's right.....let them stereotypes fly! We realized that the Ninja Dogs are longer than the normal ones. What does this mean?

Where Japanese ninjas of old more well-endowed than the average Japanese male? Was this part of their selection process? Part of their training?

According to Wikipedia a Ninja is:
"...a warrior specially trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war. These include assassination, espionage, and other martial arts."

This said nothing about extra long "Shlongs"!

Ah well....

I started running in a new place this week as well. I was reading my "Run 2 Kobe" book and I realized I could run over the bridge from Port Island to the island that Kobe Airport is on. I didn't know that! I ran it yesterday (about 10km's) and it was a brilliant run. The bridge is a great "hill" and awesome for my hill days when I train. I liked it so much I ran over to the airport today (about a 13km run). I think I may even head over there tomorrow morning. I might gun for a run between 10-15k's tomorrow morning.

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marlow said...

do ninja hotdogs turn into ninja poo? do you poop it out like normal or does it sneak out quietly under the cover of darkness?