Saturday, July 31, 2010

The weekend is here!

Another hot weekend. Check out my latest video. Last weekend there was a motorcycle show on Port Island in Kobe. I am honestly not into motorcycles very much, but I do appreciate a beautiful machine when I see one. I took some footage with my iPhone.

Also, my new podcast, "Looks Like Canada" is now available in the iTunes store. Subscribing on iTunes is the easiest way to get the newest episodes. Episode 3 should be out tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looks Like Canada Episode Two is worth a listen

Hey folks. Hope everyone is well out there. Kobe is hot. Kobe is very hot. When I say hot, I don't mean sexy hot. I mean, sweat your ass off hot. This summer is especially muggy and nasty! The cicadas are ear-piercing, the sweat towels are out in full force and every Japanese woman is packin their parasol!

I just wanted everyone to know that episode two of "Looks Like Canada" is online.

My new podcast takes a look at the AMAZING Canadian food....poutine!

Check out the latest episode of my podcast here!

Thanks a bunch folks.

Expect another great You Tube video coming this weekend. I accidentally stumbled across a custom motorcycle show last weekend while out for a walk. I filmed some of it with my iPhone.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looks Like Canada: the Podcast

It is finally up and online. My latest project and one I will continue post-Japan (not leaving soon).

Looks Like Canada is a podcast about all things Canadian. It will be about Canadian history, food and culture. Looks Like Canada will be hosted by myself and sometimes I may conduct interviews or have guests. I will upload a new episode weekly and once the summer is over, I will upload on a strict schedule (of course with a newborn at home now it is hard to follow any schedule!).

Episode One is about the Canadian running icon, Johnny Miles. You can download the show or listen to it in your browser with Quicktime.

Looks Like Canada will be up on the iTunes store soon I hope.

Take car and check out my latest media project.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things coming together

Hello one and all. Things in Kobe, Japan are sweaty and hot. That's right! We are in the midst of a heat wave here in japan and apparently it has already sent many folks to the hospital and a few to the grave!

As for good ole Kevin, i am busy with my newborn son. My little fella was born almost two weeks ago at Kobe General Hospital. he is very handsome, healthy and happy. He is also quite a handful for my wife and I! I suppose that is normal for any newborn baby and two first-time parents. It is a learning process that books and websites didn't prepare me for. I am learning though and enjoying it. I am also appreciating how much of a commodity time is. It is hard to get work done on my many media projects, but I am finding the time somehow.

I talk about that in my latest little video blog.

The project I am trying to get up and moving is something that I have been wanting to pursue for several years. I have put together a podcast. I put a lot of thought into the topic and I wanted it to be something I could do for a long time. I also wanted to create a podcast that would be relevant to me long after I had left Japan and moved either back to Canada or elsewhere.

This year marks more than eight years living abroad for me in Asia. With so much time living in other countries and being surrounded by other cultures, it has made me long for, appreciate and want to learn more about my own country. That's why my podcast will be about Canadian history, culture and food. No matter where I am in the world, I know that the topics will remain relevant to me!

The first episode is in the can and episode two will be finished this weekend. the website is almost up and running (it will be a constant work in progress though). I have also realized that I need to invest in a decent microphone, but I will do that in time and if people show an interest in the show!

Things will go live this weekend I hope, but having a newborn baby can often cause sudden changes to schedule!

When the podcast does go up, I will inform you all here, on Twitter and You Tube!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Waiting for Fatherhood and Honest Sumo Guys

Many things have been going on in the world of Kevin. The school term is coming to a close and the hectic month of June is a thing of the past. Report cards, parent-teacher meetings and student portfolios are all but a thing of the past. The only thing to do now is sit and wait for my little whipper-snapper to come along. As I write this post, my son is a few days late on arriving into the world. We are of course beside ourselves with excitement and nervousness waiting for his arrival!

In other news, the world of Sumo Wrestling in Japan has been turned on it's head with a major gambling scandal:

NHK decides not to broadcast sumo live due to gambling scandal
TOKYO - Public broadcaster NHK will not televise the July 11 to 25 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament live due to a gambling scandal that has hit a number of sumo wrestlers and elders, NHK Chairman Shigeo Fukuchi said Tuesday.

Fukuchi said NHK decided not to broadcast the sumo tournament to be held at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium live, but, instead, to air the digest version of recorded sumo matches on TV and report the results of the matches on radio.

It is first time for NHK not to air a sumo tournament live on television in its history of broadcasting of sumo tourneys which started in 1953. The broadcaster started airing the events on radio in 1928.

Fukuchi said the broadcaster’s decision reflects viewers’ severe opinions on the gambling scandal rocking the ancient national sport.

‘‘The Japan Sumo Association has yet to present concrete steps for its reform,’’ he said. ‘‘At the same time, we have received a number of severe opinions from viewers. We have made a comprehensive and careful decision.’‘

‘‘We urge (the sumo association) to work for prompt reform of the organization,’’ he added.

About 70% of those who contacted NHK on the gambling scandal by Tuesday said they wanted it to cancel coverage of the tournament, according to NHK.

Acting JSA Chairman Hiroyoshi Murayama and other officials of the sumo governing body visited NHK’s headquarters office in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward Tuesday to ask the public broadcaster to show the upcoming sumo tournament on television.

At a meeting with the NHK chairman, the officials from the sumo association explained the body’s decision on Sunday to fire ozeki Kotomitsuki and stablemaster Otake and to impose other punishments on wrestlers and elders for being involved in gambling on professional baseball games which is alleged to be a funding source for gangsters.

They also vowed to implement measures to prevent a recurrence of the situation.

NHK made the decision not to air the event live after hearing what the JSA officials had to say.

Commercial TV stations used to air the digest of sumo tournaments in the past, but currently, NHK is the only broadcaster that airs the sumo events live.

According to NHK, it received opinions from about 11,100 viewers on the matter between June 14, when it began tallying them, and Sunday, with 68% expressing opposition to broadcasting the Nagoya tourney against 11% in favor of the coverage.

Read original at Japan Today

My desire to get into the world of podcasting has come back. I have been thinking a lot these days about a podcast I'd like to start (especially on my long runs at night) and the technical side of getting it up and running. I think it would be a new and fun media hobby to get involved in. When will I have the time to put things together? Good question. I think I will start building on my ideas and hopefully have something up and running this summer. If I run with the idea I have now, my podcast would be about a non-Japan one. I would probably focus more on Canada and other cultures. There are already some great podcasts about Japan and I don't want to paint myself into a corner. I want to give myself more options and a much larger potential audience. Recently, a viewer of my You Tube videos complained. He said that I should talk more about Japanese history in my videos. I told him that my channel isn't about Japan. It is about me! I just happen to live in Japan. I don't solely blog about Japan. I am a blogger/vlogger and Japan just happens to be my current, but not permanent backdrop!


Took this picture last week on a train platform! Loved it and was disgusted with the possibilities!