Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pepsi White and Whatnot

Things are busy in my little world. Tomorrow morning is my school's Christmas concert. We've been rehearsing for weeks and I've been spending too many hours to count making stage props and Xmas decorations for the theatre where we'll have it and the lobby of the place as well. Things are hectic at school and I'm definitely REALLY tired. Luckily, Christmas vacation starts on December 13th. Even though Christmas is an adopted festival in Japan, they seem to take their kindergarten Christmas concerts far more seriously than back in Canada.

My friend PJ just posted an amusing video blog on Youtube. He's a fairly well known Japan vlogger and usually has some great stuff.

In this video he reviews to scary new beverages on the market in Japan. Pepsi White (a yogurt based Pepsi) and Calpis Premium.

Kansai PJ's FLV # 123 - Japanese drinks

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