Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mt. Rokko Goodness

Today was to be a relaxing day and a relaxing day it was indeed! After purchasing some onigiri (rice balls) at the local Family Mart, I headed towards the "wilds" of Mt. Rokko. It's easy to get there, just find Shin Kobe Station and walk under it (there is a passageway, I didn't do it through the use of magic!). I hiked for about 2 hours around a fairly well-beaten path. Aling the way there are a few houses and some people who turn their houses into restaurants during the busier Spring/Summer/Fall hiking months.

I love this old shop? Restaurant? In the months that I've been hiking the trail, it always seems abandoned. If so, I assume it has been only within the last 2-3 years. It's a big scruffy, but not a complete wreck.

This restaurant on the other hand has definitely seen better days. It's now ben fenced off and looks as if it's about to tumble down the side of a ravine. I love the Coke sign and the discarded can of Coke close to it.

This is the same place. You can see that there's not much left. I thought about buying it, but I think it's just TOO much of a fixer-upper!!!

Of course, whenever you're hiking in the "wilds of Japan" you beware of the illusive, yet dangerous Wild Boar. I haven't seen one yet, but often see news stories on TV about crazed, if not totally scared boars storming into town, knocking people off of bikes, ramming through doorways and often holding up gas stations with knives!

Oh yeah.....don't feed them! They'll only rob more gas stations if you do!

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