Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Japan: The Music Video

Just posted on YouTube last night "Christmas in Japan: The Music Video"! Fatblueman, a Japan-based vlogger wrote the song and put the video together with the help of YouTubers from all around Japan. It's about the foreigner experience in Japan around the Christmas Holidays. At about 53 seconds in you can see ME! That's right, I'm wearing my Santa beard. My YouTube handle is "BusanKevin" and I have a bit part. Feels really cool since there are some pretty big YouTube names in the video like TokyoCooney, Gimmeabreakman and Applemilk1988.

Check it out!

Christmas in Japan (日本語字幕) this vid. It's funny and very cool! And like I said...I have a small part in it...I'm singing with KansaiPJ....wearing quasi-Santa costumes!

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marlow said...

holy crap this is awesome!