Sunday, December 14, 2008

Train Station Fights and Bicycles

Yesterday was a day for shopping and dealing with hordes of people in downtown Kobe. It is one of the last nights for Kobe Luminare so there were tens of thousands of people on the streets to take in the lights. Luckily Mai and I went there last Friday when there were far less people.

After a day of shopping we deserved a beverage, but soon found that most of our normal haunts were booked with bonenkais. Almost every izakaya, restaurant and pub in Japan is booked up on Friday and Saturday nights in December with year end parties. Eventually we wandered into The Avery's which is a wonderful and wonderfully small Irish pub close to Tokyu Hands. We met several friendly folks, and had a great time.

On the way home we were a little startled when a group of Japanese men were chasing a really big and bloodied man into the JR station. They jumped on his back and continued to wail away on him. Don't know what was going on, but I knew I didn't want any piece of that action. They looked like some pretty tough dudes...probably sporting some big dragon tattoos under their clothes!

Ah....this morning I came across this REALLY COOL video from Danny Choo.

Japan Bike Storage

I actually haven't sen a device like this and neither has my wife. Man....damn cool technology. Check out some more cool Japanese stuff at

Oh from PJ and I made a "Bad Beer" review video. Actually we reviewed 2 bad beers. I'll post the vids here tomorrow...or later today.

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"Industrializing Industries" said...

WOW!!! That bike storage system is amazing!!!