Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beef Soup and North Korean Missiles

This will probably be my last post about my recent trip to Korea. I'm of course back at home here in Kobe and it's time to start filming different aspects of life in Japan again. I'm having a lot of fun filming and editing "food" videos these days so I'll probably make another one Saturday. Tomorrow, I'll be hiking a mountain between Osaka and Nara Prefecture. I think it's called Nicosan. It will be my first time there and I'll be hiking with fellow You Tube vlogger, spydermurphy.

I posted my last Korea food video today. My wife and I ate something called "gook bap" 국밥 (soup with rice) one night will in Busan. the restaurant we at at was right behind the Save Zone store in Haeundae. We actually had "sogogi gook bap" 소고기 국밥 whcih is beef soup with rice. It was great and of course at 3,500 won, cheap. Lots of veggies and not greasy at all. Also, just a little heat (spiciness).

Sogi gook bap 소고기 국밥 in Busan (Haeundae Beach area).

Here's my latest food video about the gook bap.

Asia Eats: Kevin eats Sogogi Gookbap 소고기 국밥

You can see the original here.

Oh, and of course, in non-Kobe related things, people all around Japan are getting a little freaked out since North Korea (sworn enemy of Japan and vice versa) are planning to test 2 missiles within the next few days. These long range missles will probably be launched over Japan. Some cities in Northern Japan are actually conducting emergency drills since they expect falling debris from the missiles!

Read more on JapanToday and Canadian CTV News.

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