Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food and Music

Another lovely day of vacation is upon me. I'm madly editing videos, but unfortunately my ancient laptop is causing me more frustration than anything. For some unexplained reason, it refuses to render videos once I've finished editing them. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself soon!

Lot's of things happening this week. Of course, the ONLY news on television here in Japan is the Japan's extra inning victory over South Korea to win the 2nd WBC. I'm assuming that there are a LOT of pissed off people over in Busan, where I just was. I didn't watch the game myself. I was out yesterday afternoon attempting to shop for new running clothes, but there were crowds of people gathered around every television in shops and in windows, watching the baseball game. I had no idea how obsessed Japanese people are in general about baseball. People REALLY love it here. I suppose they have the same relationship with baseball as many Canadians dowith hockey.

One of the big things about my recent trip to Korea that I enjoyed was the food. this trip had a lot to do with food. I ate a lot and took a lot of pictures.

Here's an example of some of the cool and expensive food you can find in Korean department stores. This squash, filled with sweet potato and dried banana was for sale at Shinsaige Department Store in Busan. It was a very swanky and upscale joint! I thought this stuff looked wonderful.

Here's a picture of an AMAZING taco, just before I inhaled it. It was made at a shop named "Taco." The shop is located close to Haeundae Beach and is a favorite with the local expat population. I used to go here all the time when I lived in Korea. My wife was the first to notice though that the size of the taco has decreased quite a bit. I suppose that in these hard economic times people are trying to save a buck and make the food smaller.

Here's a clip of me playing drums. My former band mates got together and we played a gig at Soul Trane in the PNU are of Busan.

Hermit Kings at Soul Trane - Come Together

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