Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back in Japan

My trip to Korea is all over and now it's time to lick my wounds and let the healing begin. Fun it was, fun indeed! Too much fun at times. A good "liver punishing" is all part of the "Korean Experience" I suppose. I was in Busan with my wife for four days and we got back to Kobe this afternoon. We had an amazing time with all of our friends. I'd have to say that there were three main highlights to the trip:

1. The Hermit Kings reunion show (that's my old band).
2. Hanging out with all of my old friends!
3. Korean food (we ate a lot of great stuff).

We were staying at the Novotel along Haeundae Beach. Although the weather was nasty pretty much the entire time we were there, it was still nice to be so close to the water.

On Friday night, the Hermit Kings had their reunion show at Soul Trane in PNU (Pusan National University) area. It was cool. It was the first time I've played drums in almost 2 years.

Of course, a major part of any vacation is the enjoyment of food. We had some great stuff and I took a lot of footage. I'm planning to start making more "foody" videos on my You Tube Channel from now on and later this week I'll post a few about some of the awesome food I had in Busan.

Check out this little treat I picked up at the duty free shop. That's right! Soju chocolate. I'm pretty sure it will be nasty, but I had to buy a box.

Here's a little taste of what I saw in Busan!

Cool Machines - Korea Short Video #2

More videos and pictures to come in the next few days!

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Anonymous said...

kevin you continue to surprise & amuse me. drums?