Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost time for Korea

One day of classes left and then it's pretty much all said and done. Friday is Graduation at my school and then it's time to relax for a few weeks. I'll be siting in Busan, South Korea in exactly a week from now. I'll be there for 5 days and plan on a reunion show with my old band "The Hermit Kings." The majority of the original band is still there and we'll play a gig at an undisclosed (I will disclose it as soon as I know) club in Busan.

Life in Kobe is still great. The weather is warm and Prime Minister Taro Aso still has a gruff voice and wears too many pins on his suits!

Today, during my break I wandered through a neat little neighborhoodclose to my school. I say "neat", but then again, I still consider most little neighborhoods in Japan "neat."

An Old Japanese House

Although I have no burning desire to become reacquainted with Korea's "famous" drink, soju, I do plan on reminding myself just how bad Korean beer really is! Luckily the Korean won is in the toilet at the moment (not so good for all of the ESL teachers there), so my Japanese Yen will go really far! That's a lot of cheap beer and grilled beef!

Soju. Some of what Korea has to offer that I'll pass on!

Galbi. Some of what Korea has to offer that I ABSOLUTELY love and plan to fill up on! Galbi-jibs of I come!

Although it was again a slight change from my normal style of video blogs, I recently posted a video I called "Fear." It was another attempt at a "light" video. It has gotten a great response so far. Hope you enjoy!


You can see the original here on my channel.

Now, it is coming up on St.Patrick's Day all around the world and here in Japan. The Japanese really love the drink of course and are quite fond of Irish style pubs and Guiness as well. I'm not sure exactly what happens in Kobe or Osaka on St. Paddy's Day, aside from he various pubs holding parties. Since I'll be heading to Busan the following morning, I plan to just stay home, have a few pints of Guiness in the comfort of my living.

Here's a little about what you can do if you happen to be in Tokyo this Sunday, March 15th.

Tokyo’s St Patrick’s Day Parade – It’s a long way from Tipperary

On Sunday, March 15, Omotesando-dori will be transformed into a bustling Celtic cultural fiesta. This year’s St Patrick’s Day parade is sure to be one of the best in years with over 2,000 participants and some 30,000 spectators expected along with dignitaries from Tokyo’s diplomatic community.

This fun-filled international parade offers a unique opportunity for all to enjoy the delights of Irish music and dancing, Celtic art and design, colorful paraders from throughout Japan and a even a chance to sample a free glass of Guinness or Baileys – two of Ireland’s finest liquid exports. Read More at JapanToday


Anonymous said...

dude, it's 2 hours until lunch and now you're making me hungry! i'm really curious about st. paddy's day in japan. i'm hoping to have a friend come up to visit cuz she & i will have one hell of a st. paddy's day. 2 yrs ago, i was in the chicago st. paddy's day parade. 1 token asian who was irish for the day and giving out irish flags. =)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see you lol. I hope to visit Japan in the next few months. teaching is cool in Korea for me. thanks again for all that info.