Thursday, January 27, 2011

Japanese Urban Agriculture

I've video blogged about this topic before and I've done it yet again. Many people in Japan's urban centers live in pretty cramped quarters. Even owning your own house doesn’t guarantee you will have enough space for a lawn or garden. It is actually quite rare to see a home in the city that has a front or back yard. Of course many people, especially seniors, come from more rural backgrounds and have a desire to keep their thumbs green. How do they do it? They maintain their desire for gardening by creating small garden plots wherever they can find the space.

Today, while out for a walk during my break; I came across another one of these great little urban gardens. Not only is this a relaxing way for some people to get outside, but it is also a way to produce herbs and some vegetables they can eat. Urban agriculture is a movement that has been gaining momentum in Canada and America recently. Many people are even choosing to make container gardens when they lack the space to create a more traditional one.

Check out this short video I took of the urban garden:


QiRanger said...

Urban gardens are really cool. Here in Dongtan, we have many rooftop gardens, but what I miss are the ones on the street. Dongtan, used to be a farming community, so in warmer months, people would plant peppers and cabbage all around. Now, they're starting to finally build the last of the large apartment building around me, so these tiny patches are going away. So sad.

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