Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Chocolate Treat in Japan

Tis the season to buy expensive chocolates for the one you love. Well, in Japan, it's at least time for women to spend money on the men they love.

Unlike in the Western world, where both men and women demonstrate their affection for each other with gifts, candy and romantic dinners; in Japan, on February 14th, only women dole out the cash. February 14th, aka, Valentine's Day is a day for girls and ladies to give chocolate to their boy/man-friends. One month later, on March 14th, White Day finds men returning the favour.

Now, Japan is a country of seasonal delights. One of those delights is beer. Whether it is the changing of the seasons or the changing of the winds, Japan's major brewers have a beer to fit the occasion. To celebrate this "chocolatey" season, Sapporo beer has teamed up with a confectionary company called Royce and have created the very "Hokkaido-centric" Sapporo+Royce Chocolate Beer. It comes in both Sweet and Bitter flavours! Last night my wife bought a can of the Bitter chocolate beer for me (she's an angel).

How was this beer you ask? It was good! Upon pouring the glass, the room filled with very strong notes of thick chocolate. This was the most chocolatey, chocolate beer I have had yet (mind you, I haven't had many)! Although this can was deemed bitter, it didn't taste very bitter. I found it quite sweet actually.

Long story short, it was a nice beer. It was full bodied and flavoured. Could I drink two glasses in a row? Absolutely not! it was a little too rich for me.


Anonymous said...

Two things Kevin:

1. I think my chocolate stout was better, but I might be biased. ;)

2. I think you're a light weight! ;)

QiRanger said...

That looks tasty! I wonder what Jo will find for me this Valentine's day, since in Korea we celebrate it the same way (with the addition of Black Day in April.

Anonymous said...

... chocolate... drink... in xl pharmacy there's a friend who's from japan and sometimes he always get surprised about some stuff this people make haha very funny actually.

Jim said...

Wow, that looks like incredible stuff - if only a well known valentines chocolate company would make a beer version then all the men in the UK could die happy!

Haley McAdams said...

Looks great. This is the very first time I heard about a Chocolate Beer.

Haley McAdams ISO 22000