Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Eggs and English

I have to admit that I have been really leased with this week. What has really tickled me pink so to speak is the tremendous number of wonderful people who have taken the time to stop by and read this blog. I have of course spread the word about it through my two you Tube channels, Facebook and Twitter. I’m a little surprised sometimes with some of you great folks who have been following me for a long time on You Tube and were completely unaware of this blog. Better late than never! Welcome to the party.

Recently, on my jlandkev You Tube channel I took the time to promote an American English teaching living and working in Seoul, South Korea. His you Tube handle is GreenEggsAndHamster and he makes some great videos about his day-to-day life as an English teacher in Seoul. As my knowledge of what goes on in Korea becomes more and more second hand, I try to point curious people with questions in the direction of guys like GreenEggsAndHamster who are there, on the ground so to speak.

This is a really cool video he did about the day in a life of an English teacher (in time-lapse). I think it’s really well done!

Again, thank you everyone for stopping by and spending some time on A Canadian in Kobe. There is definitely a lot more to come!


JY said...

Saw that...was really cool. Was going to apologize for lurking but realized that I did comment somewhere before! Keep up the good work!

Brokendrums said...

thanks for watching! Yes, you have commented before, therefore you are not a lurker :) keep the comments coming!