Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Following the Rules in Japan and Korea

This evening I watched a video on You Tube by a Japan based vlogger. On his channel YTBulletTrain, Kurt, the vlogger I am referring too, talks about respecting the rules of the country you are living in. He also discussed the fact that as a visible foreigner, you are always being watched.

I thought about how absolutely true this is. Whether you choose to live n Japan, Korea, China or any other Asian country for that matter; you are a guest in that country and therefore should follow the rules. Have some respect! Too many young and sometimes not so young people travel to Asian countries, live for a year or two and metaphorically piss all over the place. They have no respect for anything whatsoever!

Just remember. When you live in Japan or Korea (the two Asian countries I have experience in) you are always being watched. Your actions don't just represent yourself. they represent all foreigners.

I made a video blog about the topic:


Wanderer said...

The problem is particularly prevalent with people from the U.S. trying to make wherever they go like where they're from. My wife experienced it in Italy in the '70s when the U.S. citizens complained that they couldn't get hot dogs and burgers in Rome. WTF? Dude! You're in a different country! What makes you think they will have food you're used to? If you want hot dogs, go to a July 4th parade in Nantucket! If you want a burger, go to McDonalds! If you want to visit Asia, be prepared to find things a little different than they are in the States.

maikel storn said...

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