Monday, May 11, 2009

Engrish Rocks!

I was in a local "Big Box" store last night called Izumiya. It's a great shop and when wandering around you almost feel like you're back in a big box store in North America. You feel that way until you see something like this!

"Under Ground Ride on Fuckin Age"....yep...this was embroidered on a backpack in the children's section of the shop. I took this with my camera phone. Brilliant "Engrish!"


Gen said...

oh my god... are you serious?
This is the worst Japenglish mistake I have seen so far!

chris gen
youtube: StreetEnglishTV

Daichen said...

Now that's what I call a great Engrish for children!

Tavo said...

It's funny though I'm sure the parents would not buy this if they knew exactly what it said and there seems to be no end to Engrish like this in Japan. It's always good for a laugh.