Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Sad Search Engine News

I'm a little glum. A little down one might say. Why you ask? Well, simply put, one of my favorite podcasts just got the axe. BUT....there is some light at the end of this tunnel. Search Engine is a wonderful podcast created by Jesse Brown, a CBC technology journalist. Search Engine deals with hot button topics in technology such as piracy, net neutrality, citizen journalism and how topics, such as these, impact our society. I religiously load this podcast on my iPod every Monday and always enjoy listening to it during my morning commute. I listened to it today and Jesse Brown announced, that EVEN THOUGH, Search Engine has become THE most popular and most downloaded podcast on the CBC, they've gotten the axe. In the latest round of CBC budget cuts, search Engine was cut too.

Now, the light at the end of the tunnel...a bright light at that. Our intrepid journalist, Mr. Brown, has decided he wants to continue taking on the stories he has been on Search Engine. AWESOME! Thank you Jesse! Search Engine has just been picked up by TVO, TV Ontario and will be starting again soon. I just subscribed in iTunes and am looking forward to Search Engine continuing from their new home.

Long story short, if you're a tech head like me and interested in how technology and the internet impacts society and us as individuals, listen to Search Engine.

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