Sunday, July 17, 2011

Donbori, pizza and a tower

Another week has come and gone here in Japan and here are some more instagram photos from the previous week. The weather was hot and sunny all week.

You can see some supermarket donbori I ate earlier in the week, a street near my apartmen, some pizza I made from scratch, my local train station and Port Tower along the Kobe waterfront.


Kaori said...

I LOVE the Kobe Tower. So pretty! And your food pics make me super hungry :D

Gaijin Wife said...

That pizza looks fabulous. I think you've helped me decide what to have for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Looks very cool. I would like to eat there 'cause the view must be beautiful and pizza so delicious.

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Archie Pavia said...

Impressive writing style dear. a little late in the day for me but nice to see them all in one place. Thanks for posting about this. -- Hyde Park Cincinnati