Monday, July 25, 2011

TV shows I loved that my son probably won't!

Yesterday, while sitting home with my son, watching him watch television, I began to think more and more about my favorite television shows as a child. My early childhood through elementary days were in the late 1070's and into the 1980's. Most of the shows I grew up watching and loving so much are no longer even in the world of reruns, let alone available for me to watch here in Japan.

I realize that with the wonders of modern tech such as torrents, iTunes and dvds, I can probably watch most of the shows I did when i was young, but I have a feeling my son won't. Times change and with them do tastes. Some shows I think have a definite charm that children will always be attracted to. Just a few years ago i remember finding some episodes of Sharon, Lois and Bram's The Elephant Show (a Canadian TV show from the 1980's) on You Tube. I played them on the computer during a few lunch periods and my kindergarten class (mostly Japanese kids) were for the most part, mesmorized by it and angry when i had to shut it off! The power of good children's programming had crossed time and culture!

I thought about some of my favorite shows that I loved throughout my pre-school years right through elementary school.

Here is my list of shows I loved as a kid:

The Elephant Show was a kids variety show by the iconic Canadian children's singers Sharon, Lois and Bram.

Mr. Dressup was another iconic Canadian children's show. I remember excitedly watching this every weekday morning in my preschool days!

MASH was a fun show. I have clear memories of watching this show with my entire family. Again I watched it so many times in reruns as an older kid and an adult.

Just Like Mom was a Canadian game show where teams of mothers and their children were pitted against each other. They had to see how well they knew each other. I always thought it was a lot of fun!

The Friendly Giant....nuff said!

The Edison Twins. Kids solving mysteries using science. Too cool!!!! This was another Canadian TV show (you probably all know that I am a Canadian).

The Kids of Degrassi Street. A Canadian children's show about the lives of a group of children growing up in Toronto.

Degrassi Junior High. The Kids of Degrassi street got older and their lives got a lot more complicated!

The A-Team. They were bad-ass!

Wok With Yan. Yep! I loved a cooking show. The host was just damn funny! Another Canadian show.

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Anonymous said...

Loved "The Elephant Show" and "Mr Dressup". "Polka Dot Door" was another. And "Under the Umbrella Tree".

If you're a fan of late 80's/early 90's cartoons, there's an entire YouTube channel with complete series on them.

Anonymous said...

I still watch M*A*S*H reruns on the history channel here in Canada.

I also remember Mr.Dress up. Reading Rainbow and Star Trek Next Generation and Shining Time Station were also part of my youth.

Samurai Running said...

I pity the foo'...

Who hasn't seen the "A team"!

ジャネール said...

OMG. I am an American but had Canadian TV growing up and I LOVED Mr. Dressup. It used to be Mr. Dressup and then I think either before or after an episode of Fraggle Rock. Loved it!!!

Unknown said...

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