Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Rule the World

As a teacher, sometimes I like to ask my students some creative questions. It can be a lot of fun to see what creative, fun or sometimes very serious answers they can give when posed with a “heavy” question. Now please remember, my students are 6 years old and would be in the 1st grade in Canada or the United States.

Today’s question posed to my students:

“If you could be the leader of the entire world, what would you do?”

Some select student responses:

Student 1: “I would save all wild boars around the world.” (That’s right…he wants to save wild pigs!)

Student 2: “I want to save all bugs except bees and centipedes.”

Student 3: “I want to eat spaghetti all day, everyday.”

Student 4: “Save all dogs.” (There seems to be a true humanitarian theme.)

Student 5: “I would go to Hawaii and buy LEGO.”

Student 6: “I want to play in a swimming pool everyday.”

Student 7: “ I want to save all people in the world, but not bad guys. I want to punch bad guys!”

Student 8: “I want to save all animals, but not the animals that eat people.”

This was a fun little blog to put together. I love asking young children questions like this. If you enjoyed this one, leave a comment below.

For a little more of Kobe, here is a short video I filmed tonight while heading home. You can take a peak at a small train station I at times use when heading home. This is a stop on the Port Liner, an elevated train that takes people to and from Port Island.


reynolds_air said...

that's nice of your kids to want to save some animals.

Chad Vieth said...

I'd like to go to Hawaii, and buy Lego. Some great answers there Kevin.

Anonymous said...

oh that is adorable!

Anonymous said...

That's freaking adorable! I love kid's responses too! I used to get the strangest commentaries from my mom's daycare kids!

David said...

The one who want to be a leader needs attitude and strength 'cause always in a team there's opposite opinions and the leader have do deal with it.