Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why is there no looting in Japan?

Sems that a lot of commentators in the Western media are really surprised that Japanese people aren't looting in the northern areas affected by the disaster. I've also heard many people say that they are very surprised at how orderly things are in areas suffering from food and water shortages. People wait in line for relief without fights or other conflict.

I'm not surprised. Here's my two cents about the situation in the form of a video blog on my "jlandkev" You Tube channel:


Velcro108 said...

I do agree with the selfishness aspect in our Western culture. But I'd like to break it down a little further:

With regards to our most recent disaster in the US, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, you saw a total societal breakdown. This was seen in the exact community that currently lives off of, and had always relied on, government handouts and social/public welfare programs to go through life.
These people never had to work or educate themselves to improve their lives or surroundings. And why should they have? The government was always there to provide them with what they needed (housing, transport, food, etc). The mochers lived off of the producers.

Therefore, when the disaster happened and the government (and their programs) failed to quickly respond (mostly because it was impossible to), these people knew nothing more than to lash out. They didn't know how to help themselves. They've never had to. And they lashed out by rioting, looting, burning their own neighborhoods and killing each other.
Westerners AND our governments can learn something from the people of Japan. I hope we do. I admire the way they have reacted to this tragedy.


StarSweptSkies said...

We are a barbaric bunch. Glad to hear you guys are good.

Anonymous said...

There's also the living on an island for centuries factor. Island people tend to either be very peaceful and value harmony. I found the difference coming between Korea and Japan quite striking in that respect. But you are right, you could pretty much walk around with 100dollars in won or yen taped to you and NO ONE would touch it in those countries. Hell I had a lost wallet returned with money in it after they used my alien card to post it back after I left on a bus in Seoul.