Monday, March 7, 2011

How Do You Battle Stress?

It's been a long school year and one that certainly brought its fair share of stress. As the year comes to an end (one week left in my school year) and vacation quickly approaches, I've been reflecting a lot.

I've been thinking about how I was able to cope with the hard times I had and also how I wasn't able to cope so effectively. I suppose I also began to think, not just about the past school year, but other periods of stress in life.

Stress is something we all must face from time to time. It can come from any direction and at times, when you least expect it. I suppose that what's important is how you deal with it.

Ways I've coped with stress over the years:

1. Avoidance: this is if course probably on of the least effective ways of dealing with things. Simply put your head in the sand and pretend everything is all right. While you avoid your problems though, they tend to grow. I've used this method many times, especially in my 20's. Nothing good ever came from it!

2. Vacations: In the past, getting away from things for a few days or weeks has often don the trick! It still does work.

3. Drinking: Often seems like a good idea, but normally ends up being the opposite. Having one or two drinks to unwind is one thing, but anything more than that can just lead to a headache, a lighter wallet, a nasty taste in your mouth and nothing solved (and often made worse) in the morning.

4. Running: An amazing way to release stress. Of course you release so many endorphins and lots of other fun physical benefits, but you have a lot of time to think. It’s also not just a regular way of thinking. Thinking while running a long distance can be so clear and concise that you actually can very easily work your way through problems.

5. Talking with friends and loved ones: This is of course a no brainer! There’s nothing better than unloading on friends and close family for advice and support.

6. Drastic life-altering change: My former life as a tech guy caused me a great deal of stress. What did I do to solve it? I quit my job as a 3D modeler in Canada and moved to South Korea to work as an English teacher! Many years later, I am now a professional teacher with my license and a passion for what I do!

7. Research: Getting online and trying to Google the way you feel and a way to make it better (probably not the most ideal way of dealing with stress).

8. Family Time: Now that I have a family, time with them, maybe a picnic or walk, makes almost anything better!

Stressed Much?

There are of course many other ways one can deal with stress. These are just a few things off the top of my head. Of course, just so all of you wonderful readers know, at the moment, I have very little stress in my life. Things are very good and I'm a pretty happy guy!

How do you deal with the stress you have to deal with? Leave a comment ☺

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Kaori said...

For me it's sleep. Sleeping cures everything. Also girl's night out ;-)

seanhodson1979 said...

I'm in Korea training for a marathon and I've never been so focused in all my life!

Anonymous said...

pot of earl grey w/ milk & sugar at a coffee shop

Wanderer said...

For me, beating stress has always been a struggle until I began Meditating in earnest. I used to attack my drums to beat stress, (pardon le pun) but as I got older, it began to take a toll on my body. I think the same would be true of running or other forms of exercise; ok once you get the flow, but initially I would think the tendency would be to go too aggressively and overdo it, leading to injury.