Sunday, February 13, 2011

Half Marathon in Kobe 2011神戸バレンタインラブラン

It is the day before Valentines here in Japan. The day before women around the country must give chocolate and gifts to their boyfriends, husbands or special someone’s. That’s right. In Japan, Valentines is a one-sided affair. Men have to give their gifts and whatnot a month later on March 14th, aka, White Day!

In Kobe, the Sunday before Valentines Day is when thousands of people descend upon Port Island for the Kobe Valentines Day Love Run (Half Marathon) 2011神戸バレンタインラブラン.

This is my third year in Japan and I have run this half marathon my first two years here. I intended to run again this year, but like with the Kakagawa Marathon late last year, registration filled up much faster than expected and I didn’t get a spot (you snooze, you lose)! I wasn’t bothered too much since I have run it a few times in the past and to be honest, it isn’t the most exciting or scenic race course I’ve been on.

I did however take the opportunity to head out and watch some of the runners. I took some photos and some video as well. The weather was great and the day looked to be a huge success!

These are some of the race leaders running beside Kobe Gakuin University on Port Island. This was probably at about the 6-7k mark.

More people, front to mid-packers running beside some residence apartments at Kobe Gakuin University.

Folks enjoying themselves running past the Daiei building across from Kobe General Hospital. This was almost the half way point.

Here are a few videos I shot and uploaded to You Tube with my iPhone (quality isn't the best):

Now, today I am suffering from a cold, but really wanted to go out and watch. I made a video when I ran this race in 2009 and when I just watched it this evening was surprised that I actually had a chest cold on that day as well!

Here is my video blog of the race from 2 years ago (I'm dying from a chest cold as I type this blog tonight as well!):

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