Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kevin interviewed on Seoul Podcast

A very cool thing happened earlier this week. I was invited to be a panelist on the Seoul Podcast. The Seoul Podcast is a show that has been around for a few years. A panel of teachers/new media producers take a weekly look at the politics and culture of South Korea and how it effects the foreigners who live there.

I of course lived in South Korea for several years and now live in Japan. I've been a loyal listener to the show and had built somewhat of a relationship of the host Joe ( via twitter and You Tube. A few weeks ago I listened to an episode where they had qiranger (Travel vlogger Steve Miller) and I was mentioned a few times. I of course am known by some in the Jaan/Korea blogging/vlogging community as BusanKevin. I then contacted the host and as asked to come on board.

In this episode we talk about life in Korea vs. life in Japan and many other things.

Download "SeoulPodcast #110: Is Japan Really All That Great?" featuring ME!

I vlogged about it!

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