Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Brazilian food in Kobe

This evening I revisited the amazing Brazilian BBQ place located in MOSAIC in Kobe. Braziliano is an amazing bbq buffet. For about 2,400¥, out get all of the amazing food your body can handle. The veggie buffet is great as are the Japanese and Chinese side dishes. The highlight of this culinary experience is having friendly and jovial Brazilian men come to your table with freshly charred cuts of beef that they slice on to your plate.

I came to this very restaurant a few months ago with fellow You Tube vloggers; myargonauts and KansaiPJ. we were there for Jason's (myargonauts) last night in Japan. it was great that night and even better today. It was better this afternoon since I was there early and didn't have to worry about closing time (last time there we closed the joint).

Mai and I had an amazing feed of great meat and a great buffet the staff was very friendly and very much on top of service. The cuts of beef were fresh and amazingly cooked.

The entrance to Brasiliano, which s on the 3rd floor of Mosaic. this is in the downtown area of Kobe. Get off at JR Kobe Station and walk through Harborland towards Mosaic. Once there, it is easy to find.

Kevin admiring the faux Brazilian meat cooking over a faux fire!

Wonderful food at Brasiliano.

It was a great meal. the last time I was there I was impressed and this time around I was again, impressed. When I visited this restaurant earlier this year, I was in a rush since we were there before closing. This time around, Mai and I were there earlier so there was no need of panic.

Check out my video from when I was at the same restaurant at the end of July. I was there to met for the first time and say farewell to Japan-vlogger, myargonauts.

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