Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving in Kobe

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canucks out there!

It is Thanksgiving and I am here in Japan. Although it is not as important a holiday as in the United States, it is still cool to have turkey and enjoy a day off. Ironically, today happens to be a national holiday here too. It is Sports Day.

Tonight I made a little Thanksgiving meal. Instead of turkey we had chicken. Some mashed potatoes and veggies as well. To top it all off, my awesome wife made a pumpkin pie for the first time. it was absolutely incredible. We bought all of the ingredients at Kaldi, a foreign food store here in Kobe.

The pumpkin pie to die for! It was and still is so amazing!

A great spread. I plan to have a big fill of turkey this December when I'm back in Canada for vacation.

Here is the plated meal. Some yummy stuff. Mashed potatoes, chicken, carrots, red bell peppers with asparagus.


Chad Vieth said...

The pie looks great :9 Happy Thanksgiving Kevin. :)

rafael said...

kevin,how did you make the chiken?XD

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kevin .. hope you had a good one!