Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Izushi Blueberry Beer

It's been a long week and will get longer from here. For only the second time during my year and a half stint in Japan am on medication. It's nothing major, but it is kickin my butt and making me drowsy. I'm doing my best, but have been basically stumbling around throughout the day like a zombie. I suppose tomorrow will probably be no better.

This week is also a week of Halloween parties. As we come closer to the big day this Saturday, there are 3 parties at my school that I have to dress up for and help execute. Between field trips, zombie-like medicated stumbling and Halloween parties, there will be no You Tube videos this week.

I came across this picture this evening and wanted share it. During the summer, I visited the small town of Izushi, located in Northern Hyogo Prefecture. the town is known within japan for it's amazing soba noodles and beautiful scenery. While there I picked up this craft beer. This blueberry beer is made by the Izushi Shiroyama Beer Company.

I saved this beer in my fridge for a few months and had it in September. It was quite good. It had a very full and solid taste with a hint of fruity sweetness. In this picture you can see the one blueberry that was inside the bottle. I think I would have preferred it if there was a stronger berry flavour. This is a nice summer beer. Years ago, when I was living in Moncton, New Brunswick, I was a regular patron of the Pump House Brewery. They had a great blueberry ale there. I suppose to this day, i always compare any blueberry to that one and most normally come nowhere close.


RNSANE said...

I am not really a beer fan. When, and if I do have one, it's the dark kind like Newcastle Brown Ale or Guinness. I do love Japanese sake...the wonderful varieties of cold ones, though some of them certainly carry quite a price tag.

Hope you soon feel better from your medication. Sometimes it takes a little while to adjust. When I was placed on a beta blocker for hypertension, I finally insisted on another type of medication. After two months of feeling like I had anvils on my shoulders and dragging through each day, with no improvement, I just couldn't tolerate it any more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve! I stumbled on to your blog when I was searching for things to do in Kobe (esp on a Halloween night). I am an Indian in Kobe, but I am not living here long enough to write a blog :( [though I DO have food for thought]. I think your blog is kool and keeps me entertained when I want to take break from my grad studies here in Kobe.

Sadly I stay mostly indoors due to the inundated workload we got here, but still enjoi whatever comes my way. I also love your travel show. Hey, I think you might have already noticed that Japan has the wildest variety of drinks available (be it hard or soft). Do you wanna do a review about it ?