Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July and stuff

To Americans all over the place, "Happy Independence Day." Hope the day finds you up to your eyeballs in all things patriotic like fireworks, bbq's and beers. I'm not really sure what happens here in Kobe or in the Kansai area, but I'm sure there a lot of folks out drinking some beers and having a grand ole time somewhere this evening.

Summer is here and I unfortunately heard my first cicada whining in the trees today. That truly means summer is hear in Japan. The Japanese are quite fond of the ear-splitting noise of cicadas and are taught from a very young age that the loud noise is the "song of summer." I of course am not Japanese and although I admire many aspects of Japanese culture and beliefs, the "song of summer" thing....I think it's a load of bull-cocky!

Some other news on the Kevin front. I have a new machine in my home. Yep, it's time to put my 5 year old Samsung laptop out to pasture. I bought a new and shiny iMac. I've entered the world of Macs and am excited about the move. I primarily did it to make my BusanKevin videos a little more spiffy and besides, Macs are just damn cool! I have been playing with iMovie this evening and seems relatively easy to use. I'll have some new videos up soon.

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