Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another sweaty day in Japan

Yeah, summer is here and the cicadas are starting to make some noise. Also, in some Canadian-Japan news, the Emperor and his wife were visiting Canada.

Emperor expresses sorrow for past hardships in Japan-Canada ties
Tuesday 07th July, 10:12 AM JST

Emperor Akihito expressed sorrow Monday evening over past relations between Japan and Canada that were damaged by World War II as he delivered a speech at a banquet in Ottawa hosted by the governor general of Canada.

‘‘Sadly, the relationship between the two countries was ruined by World War II and my heart goes out to the people who suffered hardships created by the battles,’’ the emperor said, while expressing his gratitude to those who have been dedicating themselves to mend the bilateral ties after the war. Read more at JapanToday...

I am the proud new father of my first Mac. I now have an iMac and from now on all of my videos will be edited in iMovie and soon I will be an owner of Final Cut express. I'm looking forward to some more cool editing options for my videos, but will definitely continue to keep my videos simple. I should have something new out within the next few days. Work is quite busy these days with the Spring semester about to finish.

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