Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chopstick Challenge

A few days ago "ericsurf6", a very popular You Tube personality and Japan-based vlogger posted a challenge. In his video, he quickly picked up 10 round objects from a plate with chopsticks and placed them into a bowl. He challenged viewers to do a similar thing. I wanted to get a little more creative.

This is my response to ericsurf6's Chopstick Challenge:

That video is posted on my jlandkev You Tube channel...I have 2 channels!

In other, non-chopstick related news, the Japanese government and parliament has been dissolved. After a lot of pressure and bickering, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso dissolved parliament yesterday and there will be an election in August. Wow, the Japanese have federal elections almost as often as we Canadians do! Nothing says, "I love you", like wasting tax payers money!

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