Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beaten By My Wife's Common Sense

This weekend was supposed to involve two really great runs. I have been lazy throughout the week and simply haven't been getting out there early in the morning and putting the kilometres I should be under my feet. I could make many excuses, but laziness is the only true reason.

The plan was to go for a run this afternoon while my son was taking a nap. There's a little problem though. I woke up several times throughout the night coughing and hacking. by 5:00 am this morning I was pretty much completely awake and laying in bed coughing up a lung. I can't remember if it was the right or left one, but it felt like one of those rascally lungs was trying to crawl out of my mouth and scamper away under the bed.

My wife and I took my son to Kobe Women's University later on in the morning. I want him to start chasing women early, so I thought that would be the perfect location! Ok….maybe I lie. We actually took him to the university because they have an early child care program there and once a month they have an open house. They have a great mock classroom facility with tons of cool toys. the student teachers have a chance to interact with children and I had a chance to take a load of cute pictures!

Soon after that we were back home and I continued to cough up a lung. There is a chance I may have been coughing up two lungs.....but definitely not three!

My planned run was snuffed when my wife, using her common sense told me I probably shouldn't. "Kevin, last time you went running with a chest cold, you made it worse." I lowered my head and admitted that her common sense beat my need to run.

So, here I sit, making worksheets for my students for next week's classes and writing a blog post. The coughing is getting worse and I'm wearing a little sad face.


Here are some scenes from Sannomiya in downtown Kobe, Japan. I took these last night on my way home from work.
This is my favourite Starbucks location in downtown Kobe.

This is the Nescafe Cafe close to my favorite Starbucks.

A pile of sad looking teddies. Took this picture of a crane game close to Sannomiya Station.


Mysonabsalom said...

Sounds like a wise choice. Here's to feeling better!

Kevin O said...

@Mysonabsalom Thanks a lot. I really want to run, but will just nest inside!

Rayuta's World said...

Honey and lemon drops or lemon juice my friend to get that nasty cough out and feel better also a good "Caldo de pollo" or chicken soup in plain English XD, some nice rest and maybe a couple of Halls to help the cough cool down and did i mention rest. Just chill and rest when u get well then run like a maniac or The Flash ur choice until then rest and get better

Cdn Cat said...

Hope you are feeling better...nothing worse than coughing up a lung(s).
I recently started reading your blog and it brings back a lot of great memories of when I worked in Japan 12 years ago. Wow, where has the time gone? I was living & working on Rokko Island. Since there was not much there to do during my time off I usually trekked on over to the mainland to get into trouble. Back then I remember the first Starbucks opening...I gave up waiting to get a coffee when I realized the line that went all the way down the street was not moving fast enough for me. So how many Starbucks are there in Kobe now?