Monday, November 8, 2010

New personal marathon record

It has been approximately 1 million years since I have updated this blog, give or take a million years or so. No apologies or excuses. Here I am. I'm back!

I have been very wrapped up in marathon training for the past several months. You have been able to follow my marathon training by looking at the handy-dandy Daily Mile widget located on the right hand side of the blog. Some of you may have cared, many may have not. Nonetheless, this is what has been consuming me.

Yesterday was the big day. Marathon day. I ran it, I kicked ass and it sort of kicked my ass. i finished and did better than i expected. I finished in under four hours, something I did not expect. My new PR (personal record) is 3 hours 59 minutes. My last marathon was run in 4 hours 27 minutes. I did train much harder this time. i put in more miles every week and ran faster when I did.

As I am a rather prolific video blogger, I though I would be able to make a run down better in that format as opposed to text. Also, you get to see some cool stuff in the background as I tell you about the big day.

Check out my Osaka Yodo River Marathon run down.

1 comment:

QiRanger said...

Congratulations on finishing and with a great time at that. I saw the video pop up in my queue last night and saved it (which I must do these days since YT is really buggy).

Can't wait to see what the next run has in store for you!