Sunday, October 17, 2010

Disappointment, Sunsets and Red Lights

A busy week for me, but then again, every week seems busy. When you work six days a week, are training for a marathon and have a family, time must be scheduled very carefully!

A little disappointment for me on Friday. I was notified by the Tokyo Marathon that I was not selected to run in next year's race. As with many large marathons, runners are selected in a lottery. With 30,000 spots and almost 10 times as many people applying I was lucky to get in last year, but this year my luck had run out. Regardless, i have two marathons to run in the next two months and am thinking about running an ultra marathon next Spring.

It has been a beautiful weekend here in Kobe, Japan. Check out a few pictures I took last night from my balcony. The sunset was amazing!

On my way home from work yesterday afternoon, I got off the train and did some running. I ran past a rather seedy alley and decided to explore. Check out the video I made about my explorations!


Dawn said...

Sorry about the disappointment! At least you have others lined up....and sounds like your schedule is busy enough for those?
Beautiful sunset pictures....that is quite the few you get.

Life Ramblings said...

sorry this didn't turn out for you. i'm sure there's always a next time. i love sunset and those are beautifully captured. hope your week is going well.