Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Tube Hiatus Continues and some news

The week is half through and so far so good. No complaints from my end aside from the pain caused by going to the gym for the first time in 6 months.

Looks as if this will probably be the last full on weekend for Hanami in this part of Japan. Most of the cherry trees are in full bloom and many are losing many of the flowers already.

When I see stories about kobe in the English media, they naturally catch my eye. Upon reading his one, I realized that this would never receive any sort of media coverage in North America.

14-year-old girl arrested in Kobe for possessing marijuana
KOBE - A 14-year-old girl was arrested Saturday in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, on suspicion of possessing marijuana, police said Sunday. The third-year junior high school student is suspected of having about 0.09 of a gram of marijuana in the pocket of her school uniform at her home Friday in violation of the Cannabis Control Law, police said.

The student told police that she is acquainted with one of four junior high school students arrested in Kobe in December and January on suspicion of marijuana possession, but said she was given the marijuana involved in the latest case by another junior high school girl in the city.
Japan Today

Although, upon reading this, you might think it strange that there would even be this much coverage about such a small amount of what we North Americans consider a "soft" drug, but in Japan, they don't mess around with drugs of any sort. Much like Korea, if caught with even the smallest amount of an illegal narcotic in japan, you are royally screwed. I would always shake my head when some "numb-nuts" English teacher in Korea would brag about getting his/her hands on weed (this didn't happen very often luckily). I would just inform them that unlike Canada, if caught here, even with a small amount, jail time is a distinct possibility!

A little Korea news....
SMOE won't be hiring this fall, EPIK to take care of it.
From the ever interesting Brian in Jeollanam-do blog.

On a lighter note, I am very much enjoying my little You Tube hiatus. With my work schedule and family life, I have been finding it a little stressful to give my little You Tube community the attention it deserves. I suppose this is mostly since my "little" You Tube community is no longer so little. With more than 5000 subscribers to my You Tube channel, trying to reply to comments, answer as many emails as possible (if they were well thought out questions) and producing content has caused me a little anxiety of late. After a little break I should be back in fighting form and will again, be producing fun content for the peeps who dig my stuff! For the folks who care, and luckily there are a lot of you, hang in there and I will be back soon :)


J said...

Hope you're enjoying your little hiatus. I am on vacation this week as well. Just chilling out. Give my regards to the fam!

QiRanger said...

Glad you're enjoying your little break! I'm looking forward to taking some time off this summer!

Brian said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words once again.