Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Eat Snacks

Let's eat Japanese snacks. Many folks who are interested in Japan based blogs and vlogs are more than familiar with the standard food test blog. I wanted everyone to check this one out because it is a little different. This Japanese snack review is done by a well-known and AWESOME Korea-based vlogger, "qiranger."


RNSANE said...

I would like to have some of these unusual Kit Kat varieties in the San Francisco area - especially the mango. Wonder how come we only get the chocolate ones here?

QiRanger said...

LOL - Thanks Kevin! I'm hoping to sample some more when I get over there next year perhaps!

Sex and Japan - Dating in Japan said...

well, there goes my idea. I was thinking to start a similar blog. I have to disagree, having tried all those flavors, they're all pretty gross.