Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kevin Goes to Google

It was just a coincidence that I was in Tokyo last weekend. i went for the marathon, but there happened to be a seminar at Google Japan for You Tube partners. It was for Tokyo-based partners, but since I was in town, I got an invite.

It was very cool and I was finally able to meet some You Tubers I have been communicating with for years. It was a whos who of the You Tube Japan scene!

Ericsurf6, thatjapanesegirl, moi (busankevin)

Tolokyo, thatjapanesegirl, moi and Hikosaemon.

Moi (busankevin), runnyrunny999, StreetenglishTV, Tolokyo, thatjapanesegirl, ericsurf6, Hikosaemon.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome kevin, i'm jealous

Esper Ranger said...

I'm jealous too. Thatjapanesegirl is gorgeous.