Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Going to Sumo!

I am excited! Why am I so excited? I'm so excited because I'm going to see live sumo wrestling for the first time. It is March which means that the annual Osaka Sumo Tournament is going on. In fact, it started today.

Next Sunday I will go and check it out for myself. It will be made even more cool due to the fact that an old friend from my days in Korea will be joining me. a great guy I knew from my days in Ilsan, South Korea (circa 2002) now lives in Japan and will spend the weekend at my place. He is a pretty big sumo fan.

Kevin....the proud owner of some sumo tickets!

I am really excited to see Hakuho (my favorite sumo wrestler and now the only Yokozuna).


QiRanger said...

Very cool! I have yet to see a sporting event here in Seoul, but another teacher and I are making plans to see some Korean Baseball next month or the month after.

It should be blast! Enjoy your time there!

Esper Ranger said...

Awesome! I love watching the TV matches but never got to go to a real tournament during my years in Kansai. I did work just down the street from the Osaka Sumo Arena though and during breaks during the March tournaments I could see the wrestlers walking down the sidewalk back to their hotel near Nankai station.