Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Kobe Stuff

I was just posting some pictures to Facebook and came across some odd signs I've spotted in Sannomiya. For anyone who has ever lived or traveled to Asia, bizarre signs are nothing new, but they are still always fun for me. Seven years in Asia and I still feel like a big kid every time I see one! A few times in the past when I've made posts like this, a few people have complained, "After being here for a few years I don't care about that!" I suppose for those crusty folks, their inner child has been stepped on!

This just doesn't seem like a good name for a restaurant. IIt doesn't make me want to come in. when I think of fine dining, ketchup normally isn't involved.

Is this a CSI bar??? Not extremely bizarre, but caught my attention nonetheless.

I suppose this could mean many things. My mind was in the gutter when I looked at it .....giggle, giggle.

Again, this just seemed like an odd thing! Bring your baby here to have needles inserted.