Sunday, December 6, 2009

I ate deer today!

I suppose, normally, when I go out to eat in Japan I eat Japanese food. In a very simple way, that makes sense. Of course I really enjoy other types of food as well.

Today my wife suggested eating Italian food. Actually, it was slightly more than a suggestion. She had Italian on the brain and who was I to argue? My wife has great taste and had already planned our afternoon together.

we went to and area of Kobe called Motomachi. we ate at an Italian restaurant called Osteria Gaudente. It is located under the train tracks in Motomachi, just across from the Motomachi Station Police Box. It was an absolutely brilliant lunch. The restaurant had a very cozy and warm atmosphere. The decor felt very European and the waitress who served us was very attentive and efficient. The Italian chef was also attentive! Between cooking dishes, he mingled through the restaurant speaking Japanese to the clientele and even bused our table!

My wife at pasta with tomato and mozerella sauce. I had fussili with deer sauce! That's right. Venison as we say in Canada. It was pasta with a VERY delicious deer meat and tomato sauce.

Here is the really awesome salad that started the meal off. We both had the lunch set that only goes for 1000¥ (about $10). The best part of the salad, for me, was the crunchy pieces of renkon (the honeycombed shaped vegetable).

Here you can see the deer meat pasta. It was tender pieces of a deer from Hokkaido (Northern Japan) in a tomato sauce with freshly grated cheese. It was very delicious.

This is the outside of the restaurant. It is located in a narrow alley under the train tracks in Motomachi. it is directly across from the Motomachi Police Box. There is another brach of this restaurant in Umeda, in downtown Osaka.


Hiko said...

Ahhhh, I looove venison....

NaPsTeR said...

Man this is good stuff...Hey BTW if you remember me from the comments I made on your utube channel, I have the following two propositions to make, what say ?


1. Please make an episode how to travel supercheap in Japan. As a foreign student (ryu-gaksei ?), I am poor yet I wanna go and see whole of Japan before I leave. I have already been to much of Kobe and Kyoto and will continue going there for atleast 3-4 more days. What do you think would be interesting and cheap enough to visit in a week or so ? I am a fan of cultural tourism (BEGAN FROM KYOTO) and I love alcohol like Patrick (PJ).

2. Also, I want you guys to introduce an Asian perspective into your vlogs. If you will then I can be a part of one of your vlogs and can talk extensively about student life in Japan + How to be a vegetarian in Japan ? I have really struggled hard to maintain my good health especially while studying since my coursework here demanded superstability. If you are up for it before I leave Japan on Dec 17th Morning, just lemme know. I live in Kobe and I wouldn't be going much far except perhaps from Nara/Kyoto/Osaka in these days.

Personally I love your vlogs and would continue to watch them from anywhere I am. Let me know what you think.