Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm back and Osaka

Long time, no see!

I'm alive and doing well and still in Japan of course. I've long been neglecting this blog for far too long. Things have changed as of today and maybe I'll be able to share with you more often.

As of today, I now work in Osaka, Japan. I still live in Kobe with my family, but now have a much longer and more uncomfortable commute everyday. I've just downloaded the Blogger app and will try to write posts while I travel everyday.

I'll continue to focus on my son's bilingual upbringing and share things we're doing in my house to make sure his English language skills grow while submersed in a Japanese world!


Bart742 said...

Good to have you back Kevin! Sorry to hear about your long commute. At least your have some time for this place.

Kevin O said...


Now that I have too much time on a train and the Blogger app newly installed on my phone, I think I will be blogging a lot!

Good to be back!

Jackofallhobbies said...

Are you able to get a seat, or do you have to stand the whole way?