Monday, May 23, 2011

5 things to do when you're sick

I am sick. It’s official. It came out of nowhere. Some coworkers couldn’t make it into work today because of illness, but I felt great. I suppose I did have some minor “blahs” to the heavy rain all day, but aside from that, was ready to teach and excited about hitting the road early in the morning for my first training run in several days (looks doubtful that run will happen).

I am feeling worse with every passing minute and will crawl into my cocoon (aka…bed) soon. I was however able to construct one piece of (out of 2) IKEA furniture that was delivered to our place this evening.

I decided to come up with a list of things to do when you suddenly become sick, but definitely have to go to the work in the morning:

1. Drink boat loads of water, herb tea and other hydrating fluids.

2. Take some over the counter cold medicine (not sick enough to necessitate a trip to the emergency room). Unfortuantely, cold medecine in Japan is pretty weak compared to what I am used to in Canada and really doesn’t help much. I suppose the placebo affect might be worth something.

3. Build IKEA furniture (but then realize you are too weak to finish the second book shelf).

4. Feel sorry for yourself (I’m really good at this one)!

5. Go to bed….night folks….

DOWN with being sick....especially on cold rainy nights!

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Russell said...

It may interest you to know that the necessary ingredients for a Hot Toddy (ginger, lemon, brandy) can be had at most any コンビニ. Provide your own glass and hot water, and at least your state of mind will be a bit better.

Ola said...

I would add one more think-if you feel a bit better watch all the DVDs and read all the books you have long planned to do so!:) I hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Take care~! You need your strength to run Mr. Superman, sir!
I second Russell's idea of a hot toddy! Funny though, my family's recipe is a bit different haha. We use:

plain black tea, a shot of whiskey, a spoonful of honey, a half slice of lemon, two cloves and, a cinnamon stick. Let brew for three to five minutes.

Oh, and you can never go wrong with IKEA stuff~!