Saturday, May 14, 2011

Annoying and Dumb = Annoying and Dumb

As someone who has been a blogger and video blogger for about seven years, I have dealt with ten of thousands of comments and emails about my videos, blog posts and general questions about life in Asia. Most of the comments are supportive and kind. Some are rude and mean-spirited and some are simply annoying and dumb!

Supportive and kind comments = good!

Rude and mean-spirited comments = no worries (been online a long time and have a thick skin/don’t even notice them).

Annoying and dumb = annoying and dumb!

I want to take a look at some of the most annoying and repetitive comments I have found on my You Tube channel over the years. One of the most annoying and reoccurring problems is when people send you an email with a question that they could have easily found an answer to if they had just done a Google search!

A variety of annoying (so you all know, I have worked as an English teacher, elementary school teacher international school teacher in South Korea, Canada and Japan):

1. How do I get a job as a teacher in Korea and/or Japan? (Google it!)

2. How do I get a job in Asia? (What? What kind of job? Where are you from? What is your skill set? What? Be more specific and then Google it!)

3. I think Korean/Japanese girls are hot. How do I get one? (Come to Asia and try not to be a loser…then maybe you can get one!)

4. Can you recommend a recruiter? (No!....they are all scumbags!)

5. I know you said you don’t know anything about recruiter in you video/blog, but can you recommend a recruiter? (Drop dead!)

6. Which country did you like more, Korea or Japan? (Japan…my wife is from here…I’m biased.)

7. You shouldn’t make so many cuts in your video edits…it’s annoying. (I go to commenter’s channel and they have no videos, which means they know nothing and therefore I dismiss their opinion!)

8. Your walking videos are too shaky and they make me nauseas. (I go to commenter’s channel and they have no videos, which means they know nothing and therefore I dismiss their opinion!)

9. You suck! (…and I have more than 18,000 subscribers on You Tube so apparently I don’t suck as much as you!!!...that was smug…hehe…sticking my tongue out like a 4 year old!)

10. Get out of Korea! (I did many years ago….obviously you really didn’t pay attention to the part of my video where I aid I am not in Korea).

11. I hear English teachers in Korea/Japan make a lot of money. Is that true? (No it isn’t! Teacher often make very little. In Korea they make a low middle class income at best…Japan; not much better).

12. Promote my channel please. (Show me you have the goods and maybe I will. You better have at least two-dozen cool vids or a lot of great blog posts!)

13. Please make videos about anime/manga/otaku culture. (Sorry….none of these are interesting to me…I know nothing about them)

14. Make videos more like –other blogger’s name—(No! I’m not them.)

There are many more annoying and weird comments. These are some basic and very general ones. If you are a blogger or a vlogger you probably commiserate with this post.

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JY said...


Tomoko said...

LOL for Most of the comments. Pissed me off to the hate massages like from No.7-NO.9.i don't understand about people's mind leave a malicious comment/massage to someone who have no personal relation to them what so ever. U have no reason to be rude to someone else who u don't know.

wave_wynder said...

Please don't ever change the way you blog and vlog! Your YouTube channels have to be my favourites and always look forward to seeing new videos (especially ones walking around and finding hidden gems on streets and alleyways). P.s you have also inspired me to start running and have also entered for London marathon 2012, so got a year to train! That is of course if I get in. Not too long til your ultramarathon, ganbatte kudasai! wavewynder

aMz88 said...

Gosh these people r killing me too! the reason i turned all my videos w/my self to private setting. im multiracial and dear lord there r so many racist! but more lovers than haters ^___^ and lots of interracial new friends found. but i got tired ;p
LAV YA KEV SENSIE! Keep the awesome running and stuff \m/

GaijinAbroad said...

I'm just starting off in the blog n vlog world, but I get dumbass questions all the time from people I meet. I say in headed to Japan and they make stupid presumptions like "Do you like Japanese girls then?" or "do you like anime?". When they do, I tend to start ranting about it :D.

Barefoot Neil Z said...

How do I get out of korea, via a recruiter to find a wife in japan while you promote my non existant videos on your sucky channel of anime?