Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Tube Scavenger Hunt: Japan

For quite some time I have been wanting to do a serious collaboration video with someone I met online several years ago, John Pham. He is a Chicago based vlogger and online goes by the handle phampants. In recent months I have also become familiar with a Melbourne, Australia based vlogger, tezziToo. The three of us decided to do a series of videos together. i would be lying if I took credit for the concept. I mentioned to John that I wanted to make a video together, but he came up with the idea.

Free time is a fleeting thing for me. I am sitting here in my Kobe, Japan apartment waiting for the arrival of my first child. he's going to be here any time. He'll probably be here later in the week if not next weekend. With his arrival, I will probably say goodbye to the thing we call free time. My friends with children tell me that until I get my parent "groove on" and get used to the routines of being a parent, free time is all but a thing of the past.

That is precisely the reason I wanted to do this collaboration video with these two other vloggers. Although I have enjoyed video blogging "vlogging" for the past 4 years, I realize that soon, time to do so will be rare. One "rockin" collab before my hiatus was my goal.

Myself (Busan Kevin), phampants and tezziToo decided to make a scavenger hun of sorts. We gave each other five things to find in our respective cities. They were completely open to interpretation.

Here are the final products and I have to admit that I think they were all awesome!

You Tube Scavenger Hunt: Japan

You Tube Scavenger Hunt: America

You Tube Scavenger Hunt: Australia

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