Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunny Weekends in Japan

The Golden Week holiday has now come and gone and all of us who were able to enjoy it may be shedding a small tear. Nonetheless, I went back to work on Thursday and had two enjoyable days. I would love to be on vacation all the time, but would have to become independently wealthy in order to do so. I also realize that in order to become independently wealthy, one must work extremely long and hard Hours. That of course would no allow me to be in a constant state of vacation!

My quest to become a man of sloth and leisure continues...

I thought you might like to take a peek at a few pictures I took along the waterfront in Kobe, Japan during my final day or R & R.

I took all of these pictures in Meriken Park along the Kobe waterfront. This is a memorial park to the Kobe Earthquake. The park was rebuilt after the quake, but this part was kept in order to be a reminder.

My daily blogs continue on my You Tube channel jlandkev. Last night my internet wasn't working so I uploaded my first mobile vid.

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QiRanger said...

How I love vacations... although these days, I tend to fill them up with more things than I would actually do at work.

I wish Korea had a similar week-long celebration, but alas it does not. One thing that is being pushed around is changing the ways holidays are celebrated here. Since Korea now recognizes they are working so hard, it may come to pass that weekend holidays may be observed on Fridays/Mondays. How I'd love to see that.

I'm looking forward to 추석 this year, since it runs T-Th and my bosses are thinking of giving us off Monday and/or Friday!

Keep it up Kevin! The vlogs are great!