Sunday, May 2, 2010

Barbeque Season is upon us

It is been a dog's age and a half since I last updated this blog. I simply was simply busy with the everyday life of being a teacher, husband and soon to be father.

Things are great. It is the middle of the Golden Week holiday here in Japan. This is my third Golden Week in Jaan and willl probably be the most enjoyable.

Yesterday my wife and I were in Osaka. We were in the Shinsaibashi area and had a great little Indian lunch at a Persian restaurant called Hafez. I think it is pretty well known amongst the foreigner community in Osaka.

The food was great and the atmosphere was good as well. it was a beautiful sunny day in Osaka so everything just worked well.

More great food!

One great tradition many people have in Japan during the Golden Week holiday is to barbeque. Yesterday, after coming back from Osaka, my wife and I picked up a small portable charcoal grill. This afternoon we will have a barbeque in a local park with a few friends.

You can see the awesome eats we will have. I especially like the American Beef yakiniku set. It was under $10.00 which was a great price.

Although my interest in continuing my You Tube vlogging to the same extent as in the past was waning of late, I now have a renewed interest. I have been receiving a flood of new subscribers in the last week thanks to famous vlogger MisshannahMinx and now I am excited to produce more content. On my jlandkev channel (my alternative more bloggy channel) I have decided to post a blog everyday for the entire month of May.

Here is my first blog for May:

Expect a new one everyday.

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