Friday, January 1, 2010

Mount Fuji

A few weeks ago as I flew to Canada for my Christmas vacation I took a few pictures from the airplane window of Mount Fuji. It was a beautiful sight. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and as you can clearly see is a volcano. This big fella is actually a dormant volcano so there is still a chance that at some point, it may become active again.

Mount Fuji is 3,776 m or 12,388 ft tall.

The official climbing season for Mount Fuji is ever summer between the beginning of July and the end of August. It s more of a hike as opposed to a climb. It can be a dangerous place to climb off season though. Just last week, two climbers were killed on the slopes of the mountain.

This is one of my favorite videos about climbing the mountain. It's by Chris Gen of StreetEnglish TV. he makes awesome videos, but these days has dropped off the You Tube radar. I hope he gets back into making videos for You Tube soon.

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MKL said...

Great photos. I hope to see Fujisan in real one day. Must be marvellous.