Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Month til Christmas

It's officially been a dog's age and a half since I have last entered the blogosphere and contributed anything. I of course normally only contribute light and fluffy things, but contributing something is better than nothing.

The school term is coming to a close and reports cards are due. Student Christmas shows are approaching and practicing needs to be done. Stomach viruses, colds, swine flu and other blights are flying throughout the air here in Kobe. I caught a stomach virus and a cold, but luckily nothing more serious. In the past, that would have ben serious enough, but these days, there are even more worrisome viral critters flying through our friendly japanese skies!

Here are a few vids I threw up over the last few days.


I am also putting together a Christmas Season collaboration video on You Tube. Anyone and I mean ANYONE is invited to submit a video to me. You DO NOT have to be a Japan-based vlogger to take part.

Watch my video and see!


miku said...

I'm curious why you so rarely have other people in your vlogs. Are people really shy and refuse or some sort of legal thing?

Brokendrums said...

Miku...good question! I suppose I am surrounded by a lot of camera shy friends and family. I also respect their privacy. My vlog is about me and I normally just focus on the world as I see it! In the future I hope to do an interview series though!