Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Beers in Asia

During the summer I was putting some serious thought into beginning a podcast about living in Japan. I am a huge fan of several podcasts set in Japan and South Korea and wanted to take a kick at the can myself. I suppose I was somewhat intimidated to take on a new medium though. Although I am very familiar and comfortable with producing videos and blogs for You Tube, the world of podcasting would be new. The technical side of producing a podcast s easy enough I suppose, but in order to build support and a reputation I would have to reach out and network with a new community.

Community is a huge part of becoming a success when producing media online. If you want to become a successful You Tube personality, you need a lot of luck, but you also need to form strong relationships with other video makers. I suppose thesame goes for blogging and podcasting.

Although a podcast may be in the cards in the future, I decided to take the model I had in mind and put something like it together on You Tube, a medium I was comfy with. I asked my good friend and fellow You Rube video maker, KansaiPJ if he'd like to join me as a host on a show about life as a foreigner in Asia. Since we both have a passion for drinking fine beer, we decided to do a beer review with every episode.

Two Beers in Asia was born.

If you haven't seen any episodes of my collaboration show with KansaiPJ, check a few out here:

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真秀 said...

Hey, you guys are awesome! Your video;s remind me of my trips to Japan.... Drinking Beer! And Kinosaki beer at that! Awesome!

I really enjoyed the blog and I'm totally jealous!