Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's rainy in Kobe

Yep, rainy season. It's not just a name,it's a fact! It's been pouring for the last two days here in Kobe and surrounding area and is forecast to do so for the remainder of the week. I'm of course not letting that get me down. Kobe is loads of fun, even on a rainy day!

Last week I made a post about the new Pepsi Shiso here in Japan. Here's my video review of it:

Just a little Japanese food porn for everyone out there who loves to eat noodles as much as I do. I first heard the term "food porn" from a food blogger based in Korea by the name of Joe McPherson. His Korean food blog, ZenKimchi is pretty damn awesome!
So, anyways, back to the food porn!

My wife whipped up some ramen noodles the other day. They were made with a soy sace base and were simply awesome!

The beautiful presentation just before it was time to tuck it!

Yep, homemade ramen kicks ass for sure. I've eaten a fair amount here in Kobe. Normally I get it when I'm by myself. With limited Japanese skills, it was easy to order when I first arrived. I tend to have a lot of time off with my work so when my wife is working and I'm loafing about Kobe, I'm more than likely stuffing my face with greasy noodles! No wonder I have to run....the only way to keep a decent shape and still enjoy my noodles!


Anonymous said...

We have a same placemats (I think we got them from Ikea) ... you guys have good taste :-)

PS. It's rainy everywhere in Japan - raining in Tokyo as I write this comment.

Anonymous said...

The sign says not to let your dog pee there.

And usually the small torii on sides of the road are to prevent people from littering, not peeing.